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Rosie O’Donnell is God’s gift to America. If ever there was a woman you love to hate it’s her. There is so much comedic fodder drowning that poor excuse for an American woman it is nearly incomprehensible.

She is loud-mouthed pro-woman (pro-lesbian woman, maybe? Who knows), pro-choice baby killer, anti-Second Amendment, freak show who vows to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected President of the United States.

Hallelujah! If ever there was a reason to get behind The Donald and his campaign for president, this is but one, and a good one at that.  

Anything to shut that broad up.

Her war on Trump is getting passé. Her shots over the bow misfire and blow a hole in her own boat every time.

In fact, none of them are rooted in any kind of relevance, and are no more than liberal-trash smear tactics.  

She has gone after Trump about his money because he is “not a self-made man,” and has intimated infidelity when it comes to his marriages. He, “had an affair, had kids both times.”

Well, should Trump win the primary and the election perhaps he will buy her a first class ticket to another country. Maybe, he will spring one for her daughter so Rosie can patch up that relationship instead of knocking his.

This feud is nothing new. It goes back all the way to 2006:

Source: Q Political



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