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Potty-mouth Rosie O’Donnell is at it again. The foul-mouthed comedian, “C-list” sometime-actress, and former host of the rating-starved television program, “The View,” took aim at “The Donald” once again Wednesday night on stage.

The stand-up leftwing and loony comedian used “The Donald” as material, and went on a rant commenting; “I’m depressed because I fu**ing hate that orange piece of sh*t,” O’Donnell said during her opening of a Boy George concert in New York City. “He’s a sh*t stain with a tint of orange.”
Although laughter and cheers could be heard throughout her performance, many others were less than impressed with her foul-mouthed performance.

She continued; “Well I would rather give birth to a flaming iguana while taking a sh*t, I hate him. I hate him!”
The clueless and quite obvious “classless” O’Donnell then grabbed her crotch and said, “Eat me, Donald!”

One can only imagine that visual of an obese, naked and sweaty O’Donnell reclining – it would no doubt make any red-blooded male gag.

Especially when one considers the beautiful and classy woman in Trump's life

Apparently an individual in the audience began videotaping O’Donnell’s classless foul-mouthed performance and sent it to the Mail, explaining to the publication that “people were not impressed.”

“People around me were shaking their heads in disagreement,” he continued.

“One man near me turned to his wife turned and said, ‘I really hope Donald gets elected so she keeps her promise and moves to Canada.’”



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