Actor Rob Lowe came up with a fantastic idea on how the NFL should deal with those who planned to kneel during the national anthem during the games on Sept. 11th. Lowe Tweeted the night before Sept. 11th so that the NFL would know what to do with the players who felt that their own personal opinions on a very controversial topic mean more than paying their respects to the victims of the tragic 9/11 attacks.

Lowe absolutely nailed it when he posted his Tweet that read "Any player wants to boycott the anthem on 9/11 should be asked to remain in the locker room until kickoff. It’s not their moment."

That last part couldn't be more true. These inconsiderate brats need to understand that that is not the time or the place to be selfish and try to take the country's attention away from the 9/11 victims.

Frankly, that type of behavior is truly disgusting and shows just how much respect these players have for their fellow countrymen. Disciplinary action should be taken against anyone selfish enough to try to steal the show on a day like that.

It didn't take long for disillusioned liberals to fight back against Lowe's Tweet claiming that these players could do whatever they want on 9/11 and their First Amendment rights should protect them.

However, Nick Searcy came right in and shut these inconsiderate liberals right up with an awesome response.

Searcy didn't stop there. He fired into Lowe's haters and shut them down at every turn with a series of extremely blunt and honest Tweets.

Private businesses reserve the right prevent their employees from expressing their viewpoints that may directly contradict the mission statement of the business. If those employees don't like it they have the 'freedom' to look elsewhere for employment.

Unfortunately the NFL didn't take Lowe's advice as reports indicate that players from the Miami Dolphins, the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Seattle Seahawks were seen locking arms and kneeling during the national anthem.

This whole disrespectful movement started with San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick and the country knows this. It wouldn't be much of a surprise if we start seeing the 49'ers taking a hit as it's more than likely that many of the sponsors, fans and customers are outraged by this massive middle finger to our nation and those that lost in the 9/11 attacks.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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