There are times when the simplest of ideas are actually the most brilliant, and actor Rob Lowe has just announced a brilliant idea that simply cries out “why didn’t I think of it?”

And perhaps that’s the beauty, in that it actually solves the problem of self-serving and disrespectful million dollar athletes, who refuse to honor the country that gave them the opportunity to live out their dreams.

Lowe announced his idea on the eve of September 11th on Twitter, by suggesting that NFL players who either kneel on one knee or refuse to stand while our National Anthem is being played, have two options, one of course is to comply and show respect, and the other was outlined in Rob’s Tweet; “Any player who wants to boycott the anthem on 9/11 should be asked to remain in the locker room until kickoff,” he tweeted directly to the NFL. “It’s not their moment.”


Moreover this brilliant idea takes away the political polarizing distraction by a hand full of self-serving hypercritic athletes, and brings the game back where it belongs, a “sporting event.”

Of course after Low’s brilliant suggestion he received an immediate response from disgruntled liberals who apparently rummaged through their book shelves and dusted off their copy of the Constitution, and attempted to lecture Lowe about the First Amendment.

Fellow actor Nick Searcy immediately schooled the irate liberals who support disrespecting their own country:


And as expected Searcy fired back with yet another Tweet; “A private business can fire anybody they want!”


Apparently what liberals seem to forget is that individuals own football teams, not the government!

And as such have the right to decide what’s best for their team, which includes how multimillion dollar athletes conduct themselves on and in many cases off the field…Colin Kaepernick has a “Constitutional Right” to sit on his ass, when our National Anthem is being played, as does the owner of a team in deciding what’s best for his team, moreover no one is infringing on Colin’s right to protest.

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