An Arizona Republican National Committeeman, Bruce Ash, just released a chilling message to the public demanding the execution of Donald Trump's Arizona campaign staffers.

Local radio station KVOI interviewed Ash recently and during that interview Ash called for the cold blooded murder of the Arizona staffers due to their failure in preventing former Utah Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen from being appointed to the Rules Committee during the 2016 Republican National Convention that tok place in Cleveland this past summer.

Ash criticized Mickelsen claiming that he was loyal to Mitt Romney and stated that Trump's Arizona campaign was anything but organized.

Ash had very shocking words for Trump and the Trump camaign staffers in the statement he gave the KVOI.

"This is not just on (RNC Chairman Reince) Prebius. This is on Trump, also. The men that he had, supposedly, in the RNC watching the chicken house weren’t watching the chicken house."

Ash went on to call for action against them.

"And they ought to be taken in back of that shed and shot in the back of the head — execution style — because they fell down on their duty. They let this happen," Ash continued.

Ash openly admitted to Trump not having been even in his top three choices for president, and he labeled Trump's campaign leadership as "asleep at the switch" and incompetent in general knowledge of of campaign convention rules.

He did go on to say that he would make sure to be "fighting any rules change that takes the delegates’ votes away from where they were originally intended." Seeing as Trump won both the majority votes in the primaries and the caucuses.

Even though he may be right about how the RNC is conducting itself, making outlandish claims such as these, calling for blood only further exacerbates the growing divide between the Republican party and those loyal to Trump and promises he makes that the GOP has yet to provide.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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