Look! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…what is that?

Actually, we never saw it. It was far too high in the sky, but Kwangmyonsong 4, otherwise known as Shining Star 4, went sailing over the Super Bowl stadium, completely un-noticed. Save for some who happen to pay attention to these things.

You see, Shining Star 4 is a North Korean satellite launched by the diabolical nation via a long-range rocket. So much for the world “believing,” as in lying “about North Korea’s ballistic capabilities.

Looks like they nailed it. Allen West sees this as something more sinister, and if it weren’t for the day and age we live in, whereby our enemies are our president’s best friends, we would all shrug at Kim Jong Un’s antics. We would be surprised, but not conspiratorial.

Being that we do live in a day and age where the target on our back, you must give West’s commentary some thought;

“Here’s the worst-case scenario: what if Iran and North Korea are working together on nuclear warhead and ballistic missile technology? And please, don’t tell me that can’t happen. Remember when Israel blew up a nuclear weapons development site in Syria where it was suspected the North Koreans were assisting? You didn’t hear a peep from Syria or North Korea in the aftermath of that attack — and Israel did the same to Iraq.”

Stranger things have happened. Like our president arming Iran and paying them to build more bombs. So yeah, they could be working together. 

This, as West says, is a “belligerent” response on the part of leaders of regimes who hate us. As West explains, “It is clearly Pavlovian—if you reward bad behavior, you’re certainly going to get more of the same.”

North Korea launches a missile and sends a satellite into orbit with a trajectory straight over our nation via missile clearly capable of catastrophic damage.

This was not about a satellite flying over the Super Bowl, it was about Kim Jong Un saying “mine is bigger than yours.” Period.

Source: Mad World News



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