Texas Governor, Rick Perry, spoke at the Republican Governor's Association annual meeting in Boca Raton, Florida, and he had strong words for President Obama! The State of Texas is prepared to sue President Obama if he takes executive action to change current immigration policies. According to Gov. Perry, the financial cost to the State of Texas is too devastating a threat. President Obama is expected to detail the Executive Action Plan during his address later this week.

President Obama has expressed his intention to halt plans to deport over 500 million non-Americans. The scope of this plan has Republican leaders perplexed and concerned. Perhaps the dramatic scope of the change is as shocking as the anticipated financial cost of making those executive changes and providing for those unexpected residents! The Governor of Wisconsin supports Gov. Perry's plan to sue the White House. Gov. Scott Walker, agrees that the financial cost of a decision like that will be too much, without an extraordinary plan to support what sounds like desperate measures taken without enough negotiation or explanation offered to Republican leaders and the American people. Gov. Walker calls Obama's plan outright "illegal." Not like that would stop him.

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