Tyler Perry is well known for his many comedy films, both movies and television series, that generally have a predominantly African-American cast. However, Perry's newest show on TLC, called "Too Close to Home," is breaking that template and is getting a lot of heat from critics over the race of the new cast members, according to the Huffington Post.

The show is different from his other works in the sense that the show employs a mainly white cast, which has some people very worked up.

Perry feels that this sort of racist criticism is absurd.

"That’s totally reverse racism, because it was coming from African-American people," said Tyler Perry, according to Fox News.

"I don’t know if it was because (the critics) thought I should only be giving jobs to black people. Well, I think that’s ridiculous," Perry said. "If you look at the hundreds of black people I’ve given jobs to and even the ones I’ve made millionaires, people of color, I just think it’s unfair."

Perry says the more he travels around the world and continues to meet new people the less he sees color.

"I’m just finding out more as I travel the country and world, the more I meet people, we’re all the same," explained Perry. "We all got the same dramas. So I’m not seeing color as much as I did anymore in the sense of our stories. Our stories are so similar."

It doesn't matter where we come from its much more important to understand who people are as people and not define them by the color of their skin. People everywhere, and especially those on the left could stand to take a good hard look in the mirror before they start calling others racist.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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