America is a nation of immigrants! That is the mantra we keep hearing from DC. Be it the Democrats who try to make us feel guilty for not wanting to grant amnesty, to the Republicans pandering  for votes from the liberal wing of their party. 

The problem is immigration is broken, thus we are not getting immigrants who want to integrate. Likewise, we are no longer a land of opportunity, as much as we are becoming a land of opportunists.

According to “The Negative Impact of Immigration on American Workers” by Edwin Rubenstein, the cost of illegal immigration is hitting American workers a whole lot deeper in their paycheck than we think.

Whereas, true immigration at one time supplemented our labor market, today it is supplanting it. In 1996, our immigrant labor force was 10%. Today, this figure has risen to roughly 17%.

“This translates to an average wage loss of $2,470 per full-time native worker in 2014—money unavailable to native workers due to the presence of foreign-born competitors in the workforce,” explains Rubenstein.

Not to mention the fact, that typically these are low-paying jobs, thus the immigrant is subsidized by another $9,100, per alien, in welfare benefits.  Welfare, we have been told they don’t/won’t get.

Meanwhile, corporations and politicians sit back fat, dumb, and happy.  Disney hires in H1-B visa workers, Trump hires in H1-B visa workers, Rubio takes part in the Gang-of-Eight, and Republican and Democrats alike pander for the bleeding heart vote.

The only people bleeding are the American worker; fewer jobs, lower wages, and higher taxes to support the immigrants on welfare.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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