Reverend Graham, much like his powerhouse father, is taking a stand on the obsessiveness of the LGBTQ movement to use a bathroom of choice. He is sickened that President Obama is using his position to encourage “sexual perversion.” He asks us to pray to stop the “debauchery.”

“The descent into godless immorality and debauchery has accelerated so rapidly that unless God intervenes, our country simply will never be the same,” he wrote in June (Decision magazine).

He goes on to say that our culture, meaning American culture, “is on the verge of a complete rejection of the moral restraining power of the church that has played such a prominent role in our nation’s incredible history.”

He is right. We have an entire movement of people facilitating child molestation and rape by stating they should be able to use the bathroom of their choice. Hello child predator dressing up like a woman, pretending to be a “trans,” and assaulting a kid in the bathroom. That is the issue.

Other than that we really do not care where you relieve yourself as long as you do so in accordance with your biologically dictated body parts. Or use the family bathrooms.

North Carolina, the place Graham calls home, is having to defend its position regarding people using the bathroom according to their private parts. He is saddened by this and he sees the complete shunning of God and Jesus by an overwhelming American populace.

“I hear that same defiant refrain sweeping across our nation today, exclaiming, ‘We do not want Jesus to rule over us. We do not want to have anything to do with Him or His Word. We hate the Name of Jesus. We hate His followers. We hate His truth.’”

Reverend Graham is right. We are treading the path through the valley of the shadow of death. We are not fearing evil, we are embracing it as a nation. In so doing our country will die.

We do need to pray a “persistent, prevailing, pleading prayer,” as Reverend Graham insists.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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