Reverend Franklin Graham is a world renowned Evangelical Christian pastor, much like his father, Pastor Billy Graham.

Reverend Franklin Graham has become something of a lightning rod of late, and whether you agree with his positions or not you have to give him credit for his steel like and steadfast adherence to fundamental tenets of the Christian faith, as many interpret them to be.

Graham recognizes that he is controversial and is often the target of other evangelicals, but he does not allow that to silence him, much like his father.

In his latest interview, with The Church Boys, a program host by Billy Hallowell and Chris Field, of The Blaze, Reverend Graham takes on homosexuality, specifically homosexual marriage, and the moral degradation of America, and directs his attention to Obama for “…championing things like same-sex marriage, which is really defiance against God.”

Graham goes on;

“Same sex marriage is a sin against God. God made us male and female, and then to say that marriage is now between two men or two women? This is sin, and the Obama administration is celebrating sin and they are pushing sin.”

When it comes to the Obama administration pushing things on the American people, particularly counter cultures, there can be no argument.

Ultimately, Reverend Graham sees this as a much bigger issue. That being the souls of the sinner, no matter the sin. With respect to homosexuality he says this;

“I’m not bashing them [homosexuals]. I want them to know the truth that the lifestyle they are living, God will one day judge that. And they’ll stand before God and God will condemn that, and they will spend an eternity separated from Him.”

As with any sin, one must seek forgiveness, but seeking forgiveness is not an empty act. In this, Graham says the most profound thing, “For a gay person or anyone else, you have to be willing to turn and leave those sins.” Forgiveness of your sins requires you to no longer commit the act.

In so many ways, Franklin’s lesson can be applied across the board, and well beyond homosexuality, but certainly in all aspects of our nation’s moral decline.

Source: CNS News



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