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To say a prayer of mercy before one boards a flight, or one of thanks when landed and safely de-planed, is not an outrageous thought. Plenty of us have probably done this.

It will likely come as a surprise to many that some airports offer lounges for this sort of thing; community interfaith rooms.

Orlando International is among those airports that features an interfaith prayer room. However, as with many things at the moment, this is not adequate for one particular faith based group. Can you make a guess as to which one? Bingo! The Islam faith.

They can’t be having their special area soiled by the likes of other-faith infidels.

Reverend Franklin Graham brought this to the attention of the world in an August 21st Facebook posting, that you can see here. In his post he says, that Orlando International Airport, to the tune of $250,000.00 of tax-payer money, has constructed a singular-purpose “Reflection Room,” otherwise known as a mosque. The Reflection Room will only be available to Muslims, and will be complete with “ablution” area so the visitors can purify themselves prior to praying. This is not a proposed construction project. The Reflection Room is done and it opens on September 1st.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.14.56 PM

This is a travesty on so many levels. Graham makes the point that taking tax payer funds to build a prayer room only for evangelical Christians, or Mormons, or Jews would be loudly objected to. This appears to be an overt violation of the First Amendment. Of course, the Muslims have their spokesperson, a civil rights attorney, running around telling us that the new mosque is a great idea for Muslims as they, “… have felt isolated and uncomfortable in this country after the terrorist attacks of 9-11” (Shayan Modarres).

Yeah? Well, guess what? They should. That tends to happen when you blow up 3,000 some odd US citizens, and follow up with hostage takings, beheadings, threatening death to America, and screaming about 7th century Sharia Law. It tends to wear on sane people’s nerves. If you want to assuage that guilt, you can start by being humble, using the same interfaith prayer rooms as the rest of us, and partaking in our society, as opposed to just taking from it, and last but not least, getting your whack-jobs in-check.

Orlando International Airport-you are disgusting.


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