This is the word for the sex slave trade practiced by those pigs, ISIS. They claim the Koran condones this practice. What doesn’t the Koran condone as far as theses spawns of Satan are concerned?


Kayla Mueller had her reputation as an aide worker smeared in the media after it was reported she had been killed in an airstrike. It was reported that she had married one of the ISIS guys.

All of that was a lie-ISIS killed her sometime earlier. Kayla was the sexual and torture plaything of two top ranking ISIS officials; Abu Sayaf, who held her in his home, and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, each of them ravaged the young woman in the most brutal of ways.


Reverend Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, will not let this practice of “Sibya” go un-noticed. He will not let Kayla’s death have been in vain.

"The god of Islam is not the one true God of the Bible."

That was Reverend Franklin Graham in speaking to the evil being waged in the name Muhammed.

"This is a barbaric specialty of ISIS--they have a highly organized sex trade industry, even keeping an inventory of sex slaves."

Graham is making the world aware of this market that allows for the auctioning off of women and very young girls to these twisted, evil, sadistic pigs, who claim every horrifying thing they do is condoned by their god.

It is not just Kayla. Thousands of Yazidi and Christian captive females, if not executed right away, are finding themselves in these situations. One can imagine they would have preferred the former.

In fact, Graham made it known that ISIS, who is for whatever reason allowed to maintain a Twitter account, has marked the beginning of Ramadan by announcing and celebrating Sibya.


In addition to asking people everywhere to pray for those caught up in this horror, he asked this;

"President Barack Obama, why have you allowed this to continue? Why don't you support the Kurds and the Yazidis and others like them with the wherewithal to protect themselves?"

Well, President Obama, we are all waiting for your answer.

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