You don’t have to go to church to benefit, at times, from the perspective of clergy. The pope’s pronouncements, of course, are broadcast widely, but when it comes to the Protestant churches, and possibly because there are so many of them, the media tends not to admit their voices into the discussion.

Billy Graham was an exception, of course, but he is well into his nineties and in failing health. His son, however, the also reverend Franklin Graham, gives every indication of being a chop off the old block, and he has recently weighed in on Islam with a perspective that is worth examining.

Rev. Graham felt compelled to respond to the decision by Duke University to allow the Muslim call to prayer to be played from their church tower.

“Islam,” preaches Graham, “is not a peaceful religion. They butcher, they behead people, they take women and rape them. If you’re from another religion, the Yazidi women up on Mt. Sinjar, we saw in Northern Iraq, up in the Kurdish areas, those girls were taken and they’ve been sold to other Muslim men and they’re used as sex slaves. And Islam permits slavery.”

We have just had fourteen years under two presidents, G.W. Bush and Obama, who each insisted that Islam was a religion of peace. Never mind the constant evidence to the contrary, including this week’s contribution – the burning alive of a captured Jordanian pilot by ISIS.

So for some it may be a bit refreshing to hear Mr. Franklin’s contrary view. Nor can any of his factual assertions be refuted. He goes on:

“The Muslims can build their own place of worship, they can have their own house of prayer. But to take the Church that was given to worship God and use it now as a minaret?” Rev. Graham asked. “So, I’m very discouraged at the ignorance of the people at Duke University, the leadership, in not understanding what they’re doing and not understanding Islam.”

In the face of massive public outcry, Duke backtracked, but only slightly. Following the lead of UCLA out in California, the Muslim call to prayer will be played in the University’s quad area, rather than from the University’s chapel tower.

What is the likelihood that Duke would allow a crèche to be placed in its quad during the Christmas season? Or that Jewish Duke students would be allowed to hold a Passover Seder in that public space? The same questions of course apply to UCLA.

Why is it that left-wing institutions have such a powerful attachment to Islam? Is it because one totalitarian vision is speaking to another?


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