Perhaps the Rev Franklin Graham has gotten it from the "highest authority" as to why “The Donald” is leading the pack. Commenting on last weeks GOP debate the good Rev. Franklin Graham and son of Billy Graham explained why he believes  the  billionaire real estate developer has hit a raw nerve with a sizable number of potential voters, and believes a lot of people simply agree  "with some of the things" that Trump said.

The reverend went on to explain that the successful businessman was "no dummy," is "not a politician," and "says what he thinks."

He also acknowledged that he has met and spoken with Donald Trump at his father’s 95th birthday celebration in Asheville, N.C., along with Trump’s wife Melania, Sarah Palin, and former Vice President Al Gore and that they were all seated at Billy Graham's table.

Graham continued referencing the debate: "I think everybody who watched last night couldn't help but agree with some of the things he said, he's not a politician," Graham said.  "He says what he thinks. He's no dummy. He's worth a lot of money."

"Whether he'll see this all the way through, who knows? He's a very smart man."

However Graham acknowledged that he has been disappointed in the past by politicians and extremely disappointed by both political parties, and would not therefore endorse any candidate

“I think Americans across the board are fed up with the shenanigans that go on, politicians who go to Washington to benefit themselves, who promise one thing and deliver another," said Rev. Graham. "Americans are ready for a change."

When asked about his dad the Rev. Billy Graham, the younger Graham acknowledged saying: "It's hard for him to remember," he doesn't hear well, he doesn't see well. His mind is still pretty sharp. He's just old. He's just happy to get up in the morning."

"He realizes his ministry now is praying for people, praying for people including myself going to Birmingham," said the younger Graham. "He would love to come to Birmingham. I'm looking forward to it."



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