We train Syrian rebels via our CIA, which in and of itself is questionable being a lot are ISIS sympathizers, and Vladimir Putin’s Russian military bombs them.

Former U.S. Army vice Chief of Staff, General Jack Kean thinks this unacceptable. The US should have retaliated against Russia. We should have bombed their runway in Syria.

According to Kean, we are in a proxy war with Putin. Meaning, he is not attacking us directly, but is using our CIA trained Syrian allies as pawns to be eliminated in this nightmare chess game of the enemy-of-my-enemy-is-my friend war, in Syria.

In attacking the moderate Syrian rebels that we trained, Putin is displaying his might as Bashar Assad’s ally. Unfortunately, Russia is no friend of ours, but they are not the enemy either, while Assad is. This makes the situation rather unique, but still intolerable to Kean. Why?

As he sees it, Putting is betting on Obama’s well-known fear in the face of adversity and is using it to his advantage via his “proxy war.”

Kean says, “Historically, aggression unanswered, has led to more aggression.” He is right about that and we really don’t have to reach too far back in history to see this. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Iran for starters.

“If we continue to wring our hand…” which par for Obama, then, “Russian aggression will not just advance in the Middle East…” but will sweep across Eastern Europe and the Baltics. We have already seen this, so there is no doubt Kean is right.

Kean, like the rest of us already know, thinks Obama will do nothing. Yet again, Obama abandons an ally. We have set the Syrian rebels up for failure, according to Kean.

This is all very confusing. Who the hell knows what’s going on? Last we heard, we spent $500-Million dollars on training the Syrian rebels and got 5 out of the deal. So what is Kean saying here?

The best we can muster in understanding this, is we are failing on fronts to address the situation in the Middle East and if not brought into check we will not only have them to deal with but Russia as well.

Source: CNS News


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