Two couples were out to grab a bite to eat at a popular road stand restaurant in Philadelphia after they attended a friend's wedding when disaster struck. Just after they finished eating, a mob of Muslims quickly surrounded them and gave them an Islamic lesson.

What they were screaming during the attack has police extremely worried.

Patrick Kane and his wife, Brooke, were with another couple when they decided to stop at a famous cheesesteak place, Geno's Steakhouse, in downtown Philly.

After the couples finished eating, and as they walked to the parking lot, Brooke's friend approached a group of men standing at one end of the parking lot and asked for a cigarette.

Little did they know this would completely change their life.

The group of thugs began screaming and harassing the two couples. That's when they first heard the chilling claim.

"Don’t mess with us, we belong to ISIS!" the Muslim men began screaming as they continued harassing them.

The animals first savagely assaulted Brooke's friends, and before long they put their hand over Brooke's friend's face and threw her to the pavement.

Kane recounted the story to the local news. According to Kane, within seconds the violent mob had surrounded them.

"They just snapped and started yelling, ‘We belong to Isis.’ He shoved the one girl, hit my wife, the other guy and I tried to jump in. All of a sudden what started as one guy became five, five guys started attacking everybody," Kane recalled.

As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Police did not provide information about the assault, but said the video of it was ‘too graphic’ to release."

The portion of the video that was released shows the group sending the driver away to the car just before the attack so that they could make a speedy exit.

Police have kept the names of the victims anonymous for fear the Muslims may try to take retribution on the innocent Americans, but Patrick Kane is so outraged by the event that he has decided to go public and tell their story.

“I got punched in the nose, then I got punched in the back of the head, I got two uppercuts to the face,” said Kane. Kane believes that if the thugs had not noticed the other patrons nearby calling the police that they very well may have been killed in the brutal assault.

As of now, the Muslim attackers are still at large and the refusal to release the full video hinders efforts to identify and apprehend the assailants.

We can only hope that this is not the direction that our law enforcement and our country are headed. We cannot be afraid to name those responsible for the horrible acts committed against against Americans. We need to take action against this group of savages who continue to threaten us and our way of life, be it ISIS or anyone that sympathizes with them in any way.

Be sure to share and stop the madness that is defending the attackers in these horrible attacks!

Source: Mad World News


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