The controversial mosque which was planned for construction in a Michigan neighborhood has met its match in the residents of Sterling Heights, Michigan. Residents opposed the "super mosque" for many reasons, but perhaps the biggest was the presence of many Iraqi Christian families in the area.

Those people, the Chaldeans, have been persecuted, driven out, and murdered by many Muslim groups in the Middle East. They took it as a direct affront to their rights to live in a peaceable, safe neighborhood.

Over 200 community members, including many who weren't Chaldean and simply opposed construction of the mosque, protested last week, ahead of a city planning meeting to discuss the construction.

Amazingly, the city planning commission voted unanimously 9-0 to deny the builders of the mosque permission to construct the mosque in the Sterling Heights neighborhood. The local area already supports three mosques and many residents questioned the need for another.

According to the planning commissioner, Jeffrey Norgrove, the plans submitted for the mosque were "excessive," and "not compatible." The plans also violated ordinances and would have required rezoning the proposed building site, something that many residents opposed vehemently.

While the group in charge of constructing the mosque submitted that the planning commission's deciding vote was unconstitutional, supporters of the mosque's construction have to understand some basic things.

First, the neighborhood and surrounding area elected and supported the Planning Commissioner to make decisions regarding land use in their area. If they argued that the mosque shouldn't be constructed and convinced him, that's what should happen.

Second, it's simply bad form to try and force construction of a mosque in an area occupied by so many people who have been ravaged and hurt by radical Islam. While it can be safely assumed that the Muslims who would worship at the mosque are remarkably different from the Muslims who drove the Chaldeans from their homes in the Middle East, it still is stirring up controversy unnecessarily.

Thank you, planning commission, for choosing decency and letting the builders of this mosque know that there are limits to where you can construct a mosque in the United States.

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