The term “omnibus spending bill” seems like such an inadequate description for the 1.2-Trillion dollar budget coming our way. Utter travesty and complete betrayal seem like more appropriate terms.

For all their emotive attempts to portray commiseration, regarding the murderous dismemberment fetishes of Planned Parenthood, the Republicans are no different than their Democrat bedfellows.

The spending bill is 2,009 pages in length with a 233-page tax bill attachment. The bill provides full funding for the Baby Butcher Shop and Baby Parts Supplier, Planned Parenthood.

According to Speaker Ryan, the reason for this is;

“Look, in divided government, you don’t get everything that you want.”

  • Translation #1: Even though we hold the majority in both houses of Congress, we are completely neutered and in reality, are the minority party.

“Republicans didn’t get all that we wanted. Democrats didn’t get all that they wanted.”

  • Translation #2: We gave it all up, because again, we are eunuchs.

“This is a bipartisan compromise. It is a bicameral compromise.”

  • Translation #3: See Translations 1 and 2 above.

“And I understand that some people don’t like some of the aspects of this.”

  • Translation #4: We do not care about what the constituency wants, and we certainly do not care about the unborn.

Speaker Ryan has proven himself to be a monumental disappointment. He and his comrades are condoning the murder-by-dismemberment of innocent children. To include the cutting open of the face, snipping of the spinal cord, and harvesting of the brain of a baby boy.

What if that baby had been his unborn son?

He may as well be redecorating his office in the proverbial blood of the aborted.

Source: CNS News



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