"I believe Donald Trump would be an absolute, utter disaster for the Republican Party,"  "We would get wiped out and it would take generations to overcome a Trump candidacy." Those are the words of former Republican presidential candidate [score]Lindsey Graham[/score] shocked conservatives across America with his recent pronouncement on CBS's "Face the Nation" program. Graham never polled well among conservative voters and most probably don't even know who he is, but he's now throwing his weight behind an unlikely candidate for president.

Though he's claimed to support [score]Ted Cruz[/score] in the race, Graham, when pressed by his interviewer for an answer, said that he would choose to vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump if it came to a head-to-head decision in November.

Graham's pronouncement that he would support Hillary over Trump is well-known among conservatives. Many conservatives who aren't Trump fans have posed the question to themselves and the decision is a prickly one.

For Graham's part, however, the decision seems to rest on the idea that Trump would destroy conservatism.

"If we nominate Donald Trump, and he carries the banner of the Republican Party, given who he is and what he said about immigrants, about Muslims and young women, we will not just lose the election. We have lost the heart and soul of the conservative movement," Graham said in an apocalyptic tone.

Graham compared Trump's campaign promises to Ronald Reagan's three-legged stool of conservatism but claimed that Trump added a fourth leg in his policy promises, "because he's the Donald."

"Economic populism, xenophobia, race baiting, and religious bigotry," said Graham, referring to Trump's supposed platform.

Graham may have strong points regarding Trump's weaknesses, but he is comparing Trump's weaknesses to Hillary's strengths and ignoring the fact that Hillary is the most corrupt politician to ever run for office in America.

Honesty and bluntness or corruptibility?

I'll take the honesty.

h/t: Bizpac Review

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