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Donald Trump is clearly the frontrunner to win the GOP nomination but there are an increasing number of forces at play working against him. The latest development in Florida is very alarming.

The GOP doesn't support Trump despite the voters clear indication that they want Trump as the Republican nominee. With this playing out in the media every day the fact that he was left of some ballots in the Florida primary is sure to raise many voters eyebrows.

From Gateway Pundit:

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s name was left off Florida primary ballots according to reports relayed by Fox Business News’ Jennifer Eckhart on Twitter who said the local Fox affiliate has received “dozens of complaints.”

Eckhart wrote the irregularities are in “Jupiter County” which does not exist. She probably meant the town of Jupiter or Palm Beach County where Jupiter is located. Palm Beach County is where Trump’s Florida base Mar-a-Lago is located.

Coincidence or is something intentionally fishy going here?


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