During a press conference on Jan. 4th, Obama press secretary Josh Earnest claimed that there are "30,000 gun deaths in America every year." The Obama administration claimed that this was enough to push its gun-control agenda through Congress in order to stop gun violence.

“Thirty thousand gun deaths in America every year. Twenty thousand children under the age of 18 have been killed by a firearm over the last decade. Hundreds of law enforcement officers that have been shot and killed over the last decade. And in the face of all these statistics, what’s Congress done?” Earnest asked during the press conference.

However this argument was immediately knocked down by Emily Miller, a reporter for WTTG and author of the book, "Emily Gets Her Gun," who informed Earnest – and the press corps – that two-thirds of the 30,000 deaths, over 20,000, were, in fact, suicides.

Miller tweeted, “White House says 30,000 annual “gun deaths.” FACT: FBI says 8,124 homicides by gun. CDC cites 21,175 suicide by gun.”

Miller gained a support from her followers as she continued to post crucial gun facts, including one that reported gun control measures do not reduce gun violence at all.

Jesse Sweeney, one of Miller's followers, quoted a CDC statistic stating that there is actually only a 0.00010256410256% chance of death by a gun.

This post just confirmed that only 33 percent of gun deaths are homicides, while 60 percent are suicides. Even more significant – a full 80 percent of the homicides are gang-related.

It would be nice if Miller's fact-based rebuttal had Obama trembling in his boots, but after his recent comments following the terror attack in Orlando, it's doubtful that facts influence the president.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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