Even before the facts were known, the mindless mob in Milwaukee gathered to riot – setting fire to cars and businesses, looting stores and throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at police.

A black fatality in an altercation with police had triggered the violence, despite video evidence that the dead suspect was armed with a stolen gun loaded with 23 rounds of ammunition.

Sylville Smith fled a traffic stop on foot and refused to comply with the officer’s demand that he drop his weapon, raising it instead and presenting the officer with little choice but to fire.

It didn’t matter to the rioters that the officer himself was black.

There was never any pretense of an organized protest as there has been in other cities following similar events.

There was no prearranged meeting place, no signs with slogans, no daytime march to City Hall.

There was no effort to engage the media to post images and write about a legitimate and legal protest.

Instead, shouts and threats targeting whites were heard in the streets in what the Drudge Report called, Milwaukee’s night of shame” and the mob even turned on the local press.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that the crowd chased its reporters and a photographer, with one being “shoved to the ground and punched.”

The incident prompted award-winning journalist Tim Pool to leave Milwaukee – and issue a warning to other white reporters.

Pool has covered the riots in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, but Milwaukee, he says, is simply “too dangerous for white people.”

Although Pool is part-Korean, he says he “looks white” and explained, “For those that are perceivably white, it is not safe to be here.”

Videos of the Milwaukee riot showed cars being stopped in the middle of streets with white passengers threatened and attempts made to pull them from the vehicles.

Texts and tweets boasted “we gonna burn some white business.”

Pool said “things started to get really tense later in the night when people started yelling ‘f*** white people; white people s***.’”

After he saw an 18-year-old white man shot in the neck, Pool said he decided, “I feel like it’s not safe or smart to be here.”

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