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MailOnline reporter Nick Fagge with forged papers he bought in Syria

According the MailOnline, official travel documents, complete with identifies of many who have been slaughtered in Syria and Iraq, can be purchased from forgers for as little as $2,000.00. In fact, a MailOnline reporter, Nick Fagge, having learned of the scam, checked it out, and in less than 4 days acquired himself a Syrian passport, Turkish driver’s license, and official identification cards in the name of a dead man.

These documents are not being forged out of compassion for a refugee. They are being forged by skilled criminals who don’t care who wants the fake documents, they just want the $2,000.

According to a forger,

“Everyone wants to be Syrian now – because now everyone welcomes Syrians. There are Palestinians, Egyptians, Iraqis, people from all over the Arab world who are pretending to be Syrian so they can have a new life in Europe.”

This means that ISIS/ISIL is currently undertaking infiltration into the refugee populations.

Screen grab from DailyMail Online of Nick Fagge's forged documents

The forger informant said the enemy is moving among the very people it slaughters and they are using the fake identities to move among the masses in Europe in an effort to spread the Jihad or escape war crimes charges. Lending credence to the forger's claim is the fact that German customs officials just seized a cache of “blank” Syrian passports.

According to the article, it is estimated that at present, 2% of the refugees are Jihadis. Considering the millions of refugees trying to reach Europe, and Obama’s plans to begin taking upwards of 100,000 refugees, 2% is a number that should give you pause, because for as little as $2,000.00, many of those refugees coming to our soil will be Jihadis.

Source: Daily Mail


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