For months, Team Clinton and the mainstream media have dismissed concerns about the health of their candidate as part of the continuing vast rightwing conspiracy against Hillary Clinton.

Questions about coughing fits that interrupted speeches for minutes at a time, extended absences from the campaign trail, the difficulty climbing stairs unassisted, prolonged bathroom breaks during debates, and a history of fainting, a concussion, blood clot and double vision – all these were ridiculed by Clinton’s team, pundits and liberal media as “sexist.”

Recently, to refute the concerns, Clinton appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show to demonstrate her fitness to handle the most stressful and demanding job in the world.

She opened a jar of pickles.

But the image of the nearly 69-year-old Clinton, rigid, stumbling, unable to walk and collapsing into the arms of her security detail, who shoved her into her SUV and whisked her away from the commemoration of the 9/11 attacks at Ground Zero has made it impossible to ignore the simple fact: Hillary Clinton is unwell.

Even the über-liberal Washington Post, which has endorsed Clinton, was forced to acknowledge that her health is a real story deserving coverage.

Alarm bells are going off at the highest levels of the Democrat party.

Today, the morning after Clinton’s 9/11 collapse, NPR featured left-leaning journalist Cokie Roberts claiming that the party is contemplating asking her to withdraw from the race less than 60-days before Election Day.

Calling them “whispers,” Roberts said the party is looking for a replacement candidate in case Clinton continues to be too ill to campaign.

“They have looked at what happens in that circumstance, and the Democratic National Committee chair convenes the committee, and they vote,” Roberts said.

Speculation has centered on the procedure for such an unprecedented move, and whether Vice-Presidential nominee, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine, would move into the top slot or current Vice-President Joe Biden would be drafted to step in to take Clinton’s place.

Biden has said that he regrets not entering the race last year, while Kaine is unknown and virtually unrecognizable to most Americans at this point.

Some diehard Sanders supporters argue for Bernie as he alone ran in the primaries, amassing a sizeable number of delegates.

The NPR host pushed back on Roberts, who qualified her remarks by saying the situation was “unlikely.”

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