What do you call a party who spends an obscene amount of money, most of which was donated via rich corporate entities, and still could not buy an election due to their gridlock politics? Although the liberal media would want most Americans to believe that the Republican Party fits that bill, the real answer is the Democrats.

For the past few years, the media has been tossing around the Koch brothers like some evil world leader duo who runs a shadow government while the poor Democrats have their grass roots campaign stomped on. It is a grizzly image and one to poke fear into the uneducated of the voting lot. However, unfortunately for the Democrats, it isn't remotely true. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite.

The top 10 donors for the mid-term election were not the Koch brothers. Contrary to what the mainstream media would want us to believe, the top 10 list was actually dominated by liberal donors shelling money into the failed campaigns of the Democrats. In fact, a donation group that favored the GOP isn't on the top 10. You'd have to look down to #14 to see money go to the GOP.

If you look at where the money went, none of the liberal media claims make sense. They claimed that the Republicans held all of the money. This is simple not true. In fact, the two biggest Super PACs were for the Democrats. The often wrongly vilified Koch brothers actually came in 23rd on the list of big donors and the Democrats, themselves, held a huge 3-1 advantage of money taken over the GOP.

If the Democrats held that high of a financial advantage over the Republicans then why would the media report the opposite? The answer is simple. The media rather make up stories to protect their Liberal friends than actually report the truth. The truth of the matter is, the Democrats, even though they held a 3-1 margin on money spent, could not buy the election this time. The Democrats were so unpopular with their do-nothing Congress, that even all of the millions shelled over to them couldn't make a dent in the GOP armor.

It just goes to show that, eventually, the rest of the United States holds their representatives responsible and that is the worst nightmare for a Liberal. Imagine a world where the Democrats actually have to produce work and results to remain in power. Imagine a world where they couldn't spin and buy enough influence; a world where no matter how much money they threw at a problem, the people wouldn't be fooled. Thankfully, we don't have to imagine that world. It is about time that the Democrats get the message. Welcome to Reality.



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