Donald Trump knows how to draw the crowds, and that's something that's obviously starting to worry his opposition. At a recent event the crowd was sprinkled with agitators who tried to disrupt the proceedings.

According to multiple sources, Democrats were offering various incentives to protesters for attending a recent Donald Trump event at his Doral resort in Miami, Florida. Though it's unclear exactly what groups were offering the perks, the intention was clear.

Different sources recorded different incentives offered to the agitators. In one tweet someone reported that a Democrat group was paying people $25 to attend Trump's rally. That same tweet also reported that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio supporters were also organizing protesters for the event.

Another source reported that an anti-Trump push was offering agitators a free lunch if they would agree to ride a set-apart bus to the event to protest.

But even after Trump got onstage and started speaking, the agitators insisted on interrupting. "Rally in Miami interrupted by Hispanic protestors 3x," tweeted a CNN reporter.

It must have been supremely frustrating for Trump supporters to see their time and money wasted by these agitators, but Trump again proved to be the bigger man by asking the crowds to ignore the paid agitators.

"Don't hurt 'em," he told the crowds at one point. At another interruption he made the statement, "That's what free speech is all about."

Trump has consistently proven that he's not afraid to take hits in this political free-for-all that is the Republican Presidential Primary. However, Trump has also proven that he's not keen on bashing other Republicans, something that his opponents could learn from.

Anti-Trump protesters need to realize that, though unpolished and rough in some ways, Trump supporters are generally interested in one thing: America's livelihood. Attacking someone who supports that is like attacking America itself. It's just stupid.

h/t: Fox News

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