Since the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, the world has been on pins and needles regarding refugees. In the U.S., politicians seem unable to reach a compromise or an understanding that will protect the safety of citizens while also answering the refugee issue.

In Texas, however, Governor Greg Abbott has come down with a strong statement about refugees and the way that Texas will deal with the situation. Abbott set a deadline of last Friday afternoon as the time by which non-profit organizations in Texas must cease all aid to Syrian refugees seeking to enter Texas.

That order affects many non-profits including the YMCA, Catholic Charities, and Interfaith Ministries.

But while liberals are trying to demonstrate how Abbott's ultimatum is an uncharitable act of selfishness, the truth is that Texas is now just one step closer to increasing the safety of its citizens.

"As the governor of the state of Texas," said Abbott, "I will not roll the dice and take the risk on letting a few refugees in simply to expose Texans to that danger."

Abbott's executive order affects the ministries and non-profits that accept federal funding for resettling refugees. The Texas initiative would let Abbott take away some of the funding and licenses that non-profits have, if those non-profits go against the order and still work to settle Syrians in the Lone Star state.

Abbott's reasoning, far from judgmental or bigoted, comes in response to the Paris attacks. Europe, as the media has shown for the past several months, has accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees without any semblance of background or safety checks in place.

The refugee issue becomes more clouded, however, when charitable action comes into play. Millions of Americans want to reach out and help in some way and some see no other way than to allow refugees to settle in the U.S.

Hopefully Texas's example can show the rest of the country that it is possible to support and help refugees without bringing them into our home country where they can potentially do terrible damage.

h/t: KHOU 11 News

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