Americans have been forced to learn a new language in the past decade.

It’s not one taught in schools or on Rosetta CDs, and there’s no google translate option available, but there are new words for new concepts being used and Americans need to know and understand them.

The view of Mohammad as expressed in the Koran, the holy book of Muslims, is that life is a black and white fight between good and evil and the faithful are required to wage “jihad” whether within themselves or in the world pitting the true believers against the non-believers, the infidels… the Jews and the Christians.

We’ve become all too painfully aware of the jihad launched against America and the West as terror attacks have hit us in our streets, in our neighborhoods, in clubs, on sports fields and in airports, but we have been tardy in recognizing another, less visible, but still destructive form of jihad – welfare jihad.

Not content with attacking American society and citizens physically, Muslim jihadists take a particularly underhanded method of undermining the nation by engaging in welfare fraud – taking advantage of the altruistic nature of the American taxpayer.

Welfare fraud isn’t a matter of an immigrant family applying for and receiving welfare benefits in their new country – under our very generous system, they are entitled to assistance to meet their basic needs of life. We “get” that – we may not necessarily like it, but we understand.

The fraud is perpetrated on large – sometimes massive scale in a complex and coordinated scheme designed to take as much money as possible from local, state or even the federal government as a method of not only enriching Muslims at the cost of “infidels,” but in order to sap the government of resources and weaken it from within.

The truly diabolical aspect of this is that it is all perfectly justified by the Islamic faith as part of the jihad, the war against us.

Obtaining welfare benefits for multiple wives who are claimed as “extended family members” is one way of collecting funds and bilking the welfare system.

In Minnesota, where Muslim immigration has overtaken the ability of cities like St. Cloud to cope, a Muslim couple has been charged with 52 counts of fraud and racketeering after a year-long investigation into a conspiracy that stole $4 million in fraudulent claims for daycare benefits.

Somali immigrants, Yasmin Ali and her husband Ahmed Aden Mohammad, ran a bogus daycare company supposedly for underprivileged mothers and then submitted fake claims to Minnesota for reimbursement.

To the tune of $4 million of the taxpayer’s money.

Ali was held on reduced bond from $1 million to $200,000 because she said she has six children at home, but – surprise – did not show up for her jury trial on September 19th.

The trial has been reset for late October, by which time officials hope to have apprehended her.

Her husband remains at large.

And the $4 million remains… missing.

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