As if public trust in the IRS wasn't waning fast enough, investigators at the IRS recently announced that they believe hackers in Russia accessed over 100,000 personal tax records in an effort to file fraudulent tax returns.

What's even worse is that the hackers aren't believed to be working in isolation, but are, rather, part of the large, international crime syndicates that are affecting financial matters around the world.

Unfortunately, things like this have happened before, most recently in 2012, when the IRS found out that hundreds of tax returns were being filed overseas. To-date the hackers involved in this most recent hack have stolen $50 million from American taxpayers and that number will likely increase.

The IRS, for their part, is keeping quiet about their investigation, something that has members of Congress worried. For taxpayers who have had their information stolen, the IRS is reportedly calling those affected to offer credit monitoring services.

But can the IRS be responsible even for a simple matter such as credit monitoring if they can't keep other records safe? Is it a smart move to invest more trust and more personal information into an organization which just recently lost over 100,000 records to international hackers?

If the IRS believes that American taxpayers are that gullible, hopefully they have another thing coming. And while the argument can be made that hackers have attacked just about every major organization recently, the IRS should have known that and been prepared.

Finances are, after all, the way that modern-day thugs and criminal rings function. Gone are the times when physical presence was required to bully people. Now they can just hack your tax records and steal money from you and from your country.

America needs to protect itself, its citizens and its citizens' information better. If the IRS wants to hold on to any of its respectability, it needs to crack down on fraudulent claims and protect the information of Americans.

h/t: Associated Press

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