As it becomes harder to know who knew what when in the Obama administration as the tangled web of deceptions, cover-ups and lies continue to be exposed – and swept under the carpet by the mainstream media, new details are emerging about President Obama’s concern about Hillary Clinton’s health issues that have become evident during the demanding campaign for the presidency.

In fact, according to sources cited in a new book, President Obama became so worried about the Democrat candidate he hopes will succeed him to carry on his liberal agenda and secure his legacy, that he urged her to have a secret check up at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where every U.S. president, members of Congress and the Supreme Court, have been treated for years.

Fearing the media would find out and leak the news just as she was trying to prove that she is up to the rigors of the job she has wanted her entire adult life, Clinton refused the president’s offer.

The source close to both Clintons spoke on condition of anonymity to author Ed Klein, and revealed that Bill Clinton shares the president’s worries and became alarmed after she fainted in 2012 at her State Department office, intervening and demanding that she be taken to a hospital.

Hillary is lucky he made the call, as she suffers from a catalog of medical ailments ranging from common, age-appropriate hypothyroidism to more serious, even life-threatening conditions such as arrhythmia (an abnormal heart beat), a leaky heart valve, chronic low blood pressure and insufficient blood flow, and a predisposition to blood clots caused by thrombosis.

In addition, Clinton is at risk for interactions and side effects of the medications she is prescribed to treat the conditions, such as a lifetime reliance on the old-school blood thinner, Coumadin.

The source told Klein that although doctors recommended heart valve replacement surgery – a fairly routine procedure, but Hillary also rejected that due to fear of being seen as less than healthy.

Lending credence to the reports of Clinton’s secretiveness about her health was the revelation – after her near-collapse at a 9/11 memorial last month – that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia 48-hours before and had hidden the information from the press.

The candidate will turn 69 just a few days before the November election and has suffered from prolonged coughing fits during speeches, unsteadiness on stairs, and unexplained absences from the campaign trail that have fueled rumors about her overall health, as well as her physical fitness for the hardest job in the world.

Apparently President Obama knows this. Why isn’t the American public allowed to know it, too?

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