The Islamic State terrorists are, at least, open in their hatred of America and Europe, and honest in their intention to overtake, subjugate and dominate the West as part of its plan to establish a worldwide caliphate.

A year ago, ISIS bragged that it would infiltrate Europe by intermingling its fighters with Syrian refugees seeking asylum from the violence overtaking their homeland, and now it is obvious that the Trojan horse strategy is being used in the Western Hemisphere bringing ISIS fighters into the United States disguised as Central American refugees.

Over 70 percent of the refugees are single males of fighting age, while less than 15 percent are women and children.

President Obama has virtually opened the southern border to any and all who can make their way through Mexico and into Texas and the other southern states, claiming that they are innocent “children” seeking a better life in America.

Now, there is evidence that ISIS has taken advantage of Obama’s open border policy and begun the process of entering the U.S. under cover, posing as Hondurans seeking asylum with the revelation that Syrians and Palestinians have illegally purchased citizenship documents from Honduras.

The Argentine newspaper, La Prensa, has revealed a conspiracy that presents a clear and present danger to the U.S. as Honduran officials take money under the table to provide Syrians and Palestinians using the names of Hondurans with birth certificates and passports.

With those official documents in hand, Syrians and Palestinians are able to register as legal residents and apply for visas to gain entry to the U.S.

The State Department refused to comment on the identity theft Trojan Horse strategy, and confirmed that fingerprint and facial recognition checks may not be sufficient to detect those using “improperly obtained valid documents.”

An associate at the Center for Immigration Studies said the report should, “raise various security concerns for the United States, including checking to see how many people may have already slipped through on U.S. visas.”

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