Nowhere, perhaps, is the difference between the culture of Middle Eastern Muslims and the Judeo-Christian tradition of the West more evident than in the clash between the two as Muslim migrants migrate onto the continent at the invitation of European Union leaders and at the cost of the people.

As British Prime Minister David Cameron, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Barack Obama across the Atlantic demand that their nations open their doors to primarily Syrian migrants despite inadequate vetting procedures that allow radicals free entry, headlines proclaim the horrors faced by citizens on a daily basis.

“Muslim Migrants Storm Greece/Macedonia Border.”

“’60 Minutes’ Crew Attacked, Beaten in Sweden by Group of African Masked Men.”

“Danish Imam Tells Congregation to Kill Apostates and Non Muslims.”

“After Rash of Islamist Killings, Bangladesh Considers Eliminating Islam as State Religion.”

And earlier this week, a Muslim woman working as a nanny in Moscow decapitated her 4-year-old charge, paraded the severed head on the street shouting, “Allah Akbar” (“Allah is Greater”), and said, after her arrest, that Allah ordered the killing.

Kheir Sajer, an Oslo Muslim, has publicized comments made by a local imam who claims, “If a Muslim walks straight into a store and steals, it is thus a legitimate act” because Norwegians do not pay jizra, the protection tax non-Muslims are required to pay in Muslim-controlled countries. The imam was quoted as saying, “In Norway, they don't do this. Therefore the Muslims have a right to steal from them,” obviously ignoring the fact that Norway is not – at least not yet – a Muslim country.

And as proof that liberals in the West still fail to grasp the inherent antagonism and hostility Muslims feel for non-Muslims – even those who have extended asylum, food, shelter and protection, British actor Jude Law and other celebrities who traveled to the notorious refugee camp in France known as “The Jungle” to film themselves interacting with migrants may have learned it when their security team was attacked by… the refugees.



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