There isn’t any doubt that America is under siege, and the first targets to be attacked in this “war on terror”, are those on the front lines, those individuals that stand between freedom and a barbaric ideology that celebrates carnage and mayhem, and to that end Usaamah Abdullah Rahim a terrorist suspect met his end in a parking lot in Boston as FBI agents and local police attempted to question the 26-year old suspect. Who had been under the subject of a terrorism investigation into an alleged plot to kill law enforcement officers.

Rahim apparently had abandoned a plot to behead the organizer of a controversial "Draw Muhammad" competition in favor of killing police officers, law enforcement sources told NBC News on Wednesday.

When approached by law enforcement for questioning Rahim lunged with a knife at a police officer and a FBI agent outside a pharmacy, authorities said, and after several attempts to talk Rahim into dropping his weapon, he was taken out.

Police Commissioner William Evans said: "Obviously, there was enough information there where we thought it was appropriate to question him about his doings; he was someone we were watching for quite a time."

The law enforcement sources said Rahim chose that course only after he worked on plans to travel to New York and behead Pamela Geller, executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, an organization classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Islam hate organization.

It seems clear that America has entered a new and dangerous phase in its “war on terror”, with home-grown lone-wolf terrorists, who can easily become radicalized right here at home, on their kitchen table.

Patriots like Geller, who to some may pose a dilemma in the why she approaches her First Amendment right, simply miss the obvious point, in that “freedom of expressions” should never be limited for the sake of either fear or political correctness…and we should all salute this brave and courageous woman.

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