Sometimes the facts simply get in the way of the narrative – they don’t support the tale that some people want to tell, so they are disregarded, brushed over or even edited  to fit the story the mainstream media want to report.

Such was the case when NBC edited 911 calls from George Zimmerman just before the altercation with Treyvon Martin, and when an entire movement sprang up based on the false report that Michael Brown had put his hands up to surrender to Officer Daryl Wilson in Ferguson.

So, it will be a bitter pill for many to swallow when the facts surrounding the shooting of an African-American suspect in Milwaukee as the city’s police chief Edward Flynn reported that the police officer involved is also black.

“We are concerned for his safety,” Chief Flynn said of the 24-year-old unidentified officer. “He has been staying with relatives out of town.”

That fact didn’t matter to the crowds in the largely African-American neighborhood, Sherman Park, who set fire to cars and burned six businesses in reaction to the shooting without regard to the facts that led to it.

The shooting occurred when Sylville K. Smith fled from a traffic stop and after reviewing video from the officer’s body camera, Chief Flynn said the officer faced a credible threat when Smith refused to comply with the officer’s order to drop the weapon, raising it instead.

“It (the gun) was in his (Smith's) hand. He was raising up with it.”

Milwaukee police responded with restraint, even when they were pelted with rocks and bottles; four officers received injuries from flying concrete and glass.

Chief Flynn reported that no police officers used any force of any kind on the protesters including gunfire, Taser, tear gas or batons, although 17 arrests made through Sunday morning.

More violence erupted Sunday night as police dealt with angry crowds.

Shots were fired from the crowd at one point and an armored vehicle was brought in to rescue a shooting victim, and the state’s National Guard was put into action by Gov. Scott in the event that the violence continued.

The Milwaukee Police Association union, is defending both the officer’s use of force and the department itself pointing out that the department’s ranks are “broad and diverse and deserving of respect and support, which must begin with leadership.”

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