Every now and then you come across a headline that seems too outrageous to be true. It's times like those that you feel extra good about yourself because there are some really stupid people in the world.

Take, for example, the recent case of Gregory Miller, a 55-year-old man from Columbus, Georgia. Miller was arrested by the police after a failed attempt at stealing a truck full of beer--no, it wasn't Miller Lite, it was Coors Light.

The saddest part of the story, however, is that Miller actually managed to run himself over with the beer truck in the middle of his attempted robbery. Here's how that happened.

Miller apparently hopped into the unattended truck sometime around 5:3 a.m. and started to drive away with it. When the beer truck driver realized that his truck was being stolen, he called the police.

However, Miller apparently wanted a drink of beer so badly that he proceeded to lead the cops on a relatively high speed chase, he was in a beer truck after all, until he crashed the truck into a restaurant.

It gets better.

After Miller crashed the truck, he jumped out of the cab and started to run away. But he forgot one important piece of driving common sense. He didn't put the Coors Light truck into park.

As a result, when Miller exited the cab, the truck started to roll backwards and crushed his foot and his ankle. Police apprehended him and he was later taken to the hospital to be treated for a broken ankle.

As ridiculous as this story sounds, it's also worrisome. Have we really devolved as a society to the point that an unattended truck that is being unloaded will really be stolen that quickly?

Thankfully the police responded to the scene, though I doubt that they immediately handcuffed Miller after the incident because they were probably laughing too hard.

h/t: WTVM.com-Columbus, GA News Weather

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