It might have taken two and one-half years, but former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton may well be on her way to admitting that she did, in fact, break the law after all.

The Department of Justice has reopened the investigation into Clinton’s deliberate decision to set up a secret, private email server to handle both classified official U.S. business along with her personal Clinton Family Foundation affairs.

Reports have emerged that a plea bargain offer may be in the works as the DOJ considers how to finally bring the matter to a conclusion.

According to Clinton’s attorneys, the DOJ informed them that the decision by former FBI Director James Comey not to pursue prosecution of Clinton is not binding on the Department in light of the reexamination of the case.

In fact, preliminary discussions with the prosecutor indicate that the DOJ believes there are ample grounds for a successful prosecution of Clinton for violation of numerous federal statutes regarding handling of classified materials.

Clinton’s attorney said the plea was offered to them by a “high-ranking DOJ official,” and would require her to plead guilty to criminal charges in return for the DOJ agreeing to forego prosecution.

In addition, the Department would agree to end its investigation into the Clinton Family Foundation’s so-called “pay to play” sweetheart deals that brought huge speaking fees to former President Bill Clinton and helped facilitate meetings between Sec. Clinton and foreign governments and businesses.

Discussions, however, are in preliminary stages, as pleas are typically offered only after a crime has been charged.

To date, Clinton has not been charged with any crime.

Please comment below if you believe the Department of Justice should offer Hillary Clinton a plea deal for violating federal law in setting up her private secret email server to conduct official U.S. business and Clinton Family Foundation affairs.

Source: Newsmax

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