Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will stop at nothing to be president. She has worked, lied, swindled and schemed her way to the nomination and now she's on the brink.

Part of her strategy to appeal to voters during Monday night's presidential debate was to have a specially constructed podium present on the debate stage that was larger than her opponent's podium. Pictures from Hofstra University, the site of the debate, show that one of the two podiums used during the debate is bigger.

A WABC reporter, Rita Cosby, first broke the news and shared pictures that show the discrepancy between the two podiums.

"Clinton is 5'4" and Trump 6'2" and her team wanted the podium modified or a box added so she won't look short next to Trump. One is clearly larger … than the other," Cosby reported.




That comes as no surprise, especially given Clinton's recent failures when it comes to her stature and her health.

A video that was taken during the September 11 memorial service several weeks ago in New York clearly shows Clinton collapsing as she is carried into a waiting van. A bout of pneumonia followed the video, putting Clinton's health in the spotlight.

But during Monday's debate, Clinton looked fresh and ready--thanks to the magic behind the scenes.

If Clinton's campaign will continue to make demands about how she appears on the stage, what happens when she comes across a world leader like Putin who won't put up with her demands? Is she going to bring a box to every speech so that she'll appear larger and taller wherever she goes?

The notion that a candidate was allowed to present themselves as more than they are is completely antithetical to the idea behind a presidential debate.

We want to see these candidates in their raw, unfiltered state. Not propped up behind an oversized podium so they appear larger than they really are.

h/t: New York Daily News

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