Even as both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump try to win over millions of millennials, the two are mired in tawdry tails from twenty years past, rehashing events that occurred when many members of the key demographic weren’t even born.

And while Trump finds himself defending comments made when he ran the Miss Universe beauty pageant in the 1990s, Clinton finds herself waging a different, and possibly more frustrating issue – what to do with Bill.

Team Clinton is blessed with the presence of one of the best political campaigners in American history, but Hillary is cursed by his fatal flaw that threatens to not only humiliate her in public – again, but distract attention from her historic run to be the first woman president in U.S. history.

Rumors of continued affairs and liaisons even now present Mrs. Clinton with a quandary that has made deploying her charismatic husband on the road to campaign for her as a surrogate less of a sure thing than it should have been.

“Much more troubling to Hillary and her closest associates [than health concerns] was the constant chatter concerning her husband’s alleged extramarital romances,” claims journalist Joe Conason.

Most millennials don’t recognize the names Gennifer Flowers, Kathleen Willey or Monica Lewinsky, but it is doubtful that another round of infidelity charges would be forgiven by the younger generation whose parents’ winked at revelations about the president’s prolific extra-marital love life in both in the Arkansas Governor’s Mansion and the White House.

Americans were largely sympathetic to the couple about the affair, but with revelations about Hillary’s efforts to discredit and even destroy the reputations of “Bill’s Rodeo Queens,” as she her husband’s lovers, Mrs. Clinton’s claim that she is a “champion of women’s rights” has come under fire.

With less than 40-days to go before the election, Mrs. Clinton will need to decide whether to send her husband – with his winning campaigning style, on the road or keep him home.

President Clinton was impeached in 1998, fined more than $100,000 and lost his law license for lying under oath to a grand jury about his Oval Office affair with his intern, Monica Lewinsky.


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