If you haven't heard about Terrence Crutcher and the most recent shooting by police that's getting all the media riled up, a report by bearingarms.com is opening more than a few eyes to possible media bias.

Crutcher was driving a dark gray SUV in Oklahoma when he was pulled over by two police officers. Crutcher got out of the car with his hands up, and that's all that national news organizations have picked up on.

They're spreading the news that Crutcher was shot with his hands in the air, in the act of surrendering. Helicopter footage of the encounter between Crutcher and the police, though, shows a much different picture.

Still frames from the helicopter video show Crutcher walking away from his vehicle with his hands raised--this is the part of the story that the news organizations are getting right. What they're not talking about, though, is the moment when Crutcher walked back to his vehicle.

Crutcher, standing next to the driver's side door of the SUV, has his hands raised while he's standing parallel to the door. But then he turns and confronts the two Oklahoma officers who had confronted him in the first place, and that's where the trouble started.

You see, video still from the camera show that Crutcher dropped one of his hands near his waist while keeping the other raised. Maybe he was just scratching an itch, but the two officers who were trained to respond to deadly situations like this acted immediately.

One shot his gun while the other fired a taser. Both weapons combined to take Crutcher down just seconds after he had turned towards the officers with his hand at his waist.


It's always the most unfortunate thing when a police encounter ends in a shooting. Any officer would tell you the same thing. But these men and women are trained to encounter just about everything. They have to be safe or they'll be sorry.

h/t: BearingArms.com

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