Now that some of the dust is starting to settle after the tragic shootings in Orlando, the facts are emerging. The media and authorities are gradually piecing together a picture of the shooter, Omar Mateen, and what it reveals is a tortured, violent man who was more than likely gay himself when he  murdered 49 people late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, leaving even more critically wounded.

One of the clearest voices claiming Mateen was, himself, gay is a former colleague from the Indian River Community College Police Academy where Mateen was learned the skills he would later employ as a security specialist for G4S.

Mateen's classmate said he and Mateen used to frequent gay bars together when they were studying to be police officers. The friend later came out as gay and says that Mateen definitely propositioned him.

"He said, ‘Well if you were gay, you would be my type.’ I said 'OK' and just went on with the night," reported the classmate.

Another person attested to Mateen's probable homosexuality and said that Mateen frequently went to the Pulse nightclub "to pick up people. Men."

Then there's Mateen's ex-wife, who says that she left Mateen because he was verbally and physically abusive, adding that that it's likely he was gay and trying to hide his shame behind a fascade of anger and violence. That's what others close to him think as well.

A regular performer at the gay nightclub where Mateen massacred dozens of innocent victims seconded the statement that Mateen frequented the Pulse.

"He’s been going to this bar for at least three years."

It's more than likely that Mateen lashed out at innocent people because he had been radicalized as a Muslim and had no way to deal with the conflict between his jihad and his homosexuality.

The more that comes out about this story, the sicker this man gets. Thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of this madman's victims.

h/t: Palm Beach Post

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