Homegrown terrorism continues to rear its ugly head. The most recent incident happened in Detroit, Michigan and it just goes to show that Islamism and the desire to fight for ISIS seems to be able to strike at random and always attract radicals.

The Detroit man who is being detained by the FBI is 29-year-old Sebastian Gregerson. Gregerson, however, goes by the name Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl and is likely a supporter of ISIS.

The FBI became suspicious of Gregerson when he reportedly met with an undercover FBI agent to make an illegal arms trade--a handgun he owned for several grenades. Those grenades went into a stockpile that the would-be-terrorist was assembling. He also had purchased hundreds of rounds of AK-47 ammunition as well as other assorted gear, including a spike strip.

The FBI also has records that state that they were alerted that Gregerson had also purchased a bazooka and ammunition.

Gregerson's Facebook profile featured a picture of a man riding a horse and carrying an Islamic State flag. Experts say that this image is a common image for ISIS supporters and that it supports the FBI's theory that the man was radicalized and getting ready to make his move in Detroit.

An FBI agent who worked closely to bring Gregerson in also stated that the man had purchased training versions of several weapons, which is a red-flag for the FBI.

"In my training and experience, and that of other agents upon whose expertise I am also relying, the purchase of training versions of these weapons makes it unlikely that the weapons were purchased for recreational use," said the FBI agent.

Thankfully Gregerson was purchasing weapons and at least some of his arsenal from FBI informants who were able to alert the authorities to the plans of this terrorist. We need to stamp out radical Islamism within our borders and make sure that nothing like Orlando or San Bernardino is allowed to happen again.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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