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It would seem obvious by almost any standard that anyone would wish to apply, that this president has little concern about our national security, a bold statement…perhaps?

However true nevertheless, in that according to government figures publicly released by the Department of Homeland Security this administration deported a record-low number of criminal immigrants over the last year.

The AP reported that this administration has deported fewer immigrants with criminal convictions in the United States over the past 12 months than President Obama’s entire time in the White House, and less than any time since 2006.

Criminal deportations have slowed despite Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson’s promise to focus on deporting immigrants posing threats to national security or public safety or those with criminal convictions.

Astoundingly deportations have sunk to only 42% since 2012. Moreover since the end of August 244 criminal aliens were arrested in Southern California, during a four-day sweep by federal immigration officials. The majority of those apprehended had convictions for violent felonies, weapons charges, or sex abuse charges, and the large number of concentrated arrests in one area is perhaps due to the fact that California harbors multiple sanctuary cities.

What is apparent is that law-abiding citizens are at risk, while this administration and local authorities and legislators all but ignore their respective oaths of office.

Source: Free Beacon



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