As Americans  question whether the Obama administration can keep them safe from radical Islamic attacks, disturbing discoveries in Europe support concerns that ISIS fighters have infiltrated the ranks of the thousands of Syrian “refugees” like those the president wants to accept into the United States.

While President Obama tried to offer assurance that refugees are being carefully screened to weed out any ISIS members or sympathizers before they enter the U.S., revelations about the gaps in the vetting of San Bernardino jihadi, Tashfeen Malik, have only served to add to the tension surrounding the refugee debate.

Now, Norway has found grisly images of executions on cellphones belonging to hundreds of Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Norway.

Norwegian authorities were open about the difficult task of conducting thorough background checks on what they termed the “explosion” of refugees wanting entry into that country.

The Police Immigration Service of Norway (“PU”) is under severe pressure to process thousands of asylum-seekers, as are the immigration services in other EU countries have felt the same strain as they grapple with the greatest humanitarian relocation crisis in Europe since the end of World War II in 1945.

Norway’s service has reported that police have found “hundreds of photographs” depicting brutal punishment and executions, including images of people holding up severed hands and heads for display.

Videos showing similar graphic content were also found on cellphones belonging to those claiming to be fleeing persecution and violence in Syria.

The Norwegian authorities also discovered photographs of dead children, crimes and terrorist acts, but the head of the asylum program, Erik Haugland suggested it was possible that the images had been recorded to “bear witness to the war and the horrors taking place in Syria.”

At least three of the group that carried out the Paris attacks in November, including mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud, had entered Europe disguised as refugees.


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