Al Sharpton spends his days pointing his finger at individuals and companies for behaving in ways that he feels are wrong, but he himself has been guilty of misdoings. In a report by National Review Onling (NRO), they discovered that Sharpton has a rather sordid past with his companies and their tax filings.

Al Sharpton has had money issues for quite some time, which is why he is so quick to go after major corporations and exploit them for donations to his causes. NRO found through public records that Sharpton has had tax issues with every single one of his for-profit companies, resulting in them being shut down due to failure to pay taxes. They said that often times Sharpton's for profit companies manage to overlap and go into his National Action Network (NAN), his non-profit company stating, "Their financial records are copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre, and together, they depict persistent financial woes for Sharpton, who also personally owes New York State nearly $596,000, according to active tax warrants."
Sharpton in the 90's. Remember this look?

Sharpton in the 90's. Remember this look?

Starting in 1991 Sharpton opened a for-profit company called Raw Talent, the same year he opened NAN. However, in 2002 New York dissolved Raw Talent due to their failure to pay taxes. The same thing happened Reveals Communications that Sharpton founded in 1999. They ended up stacking up a huge tax bill in excess of $215,000. That company got dissolved by New York in 2009 due to the unpaid taxes.

In 2004 Sharpton tried his hand with another for-profit by the name of Sharpton Media Group. Bet you can't guess what happened to that company. If you're guessing it too got dissolved due to unpaid taxes, you'd be correct.

When questioned by National Review, Sharpton gave this bizarre non-answer:
"The organization at times had shortfalls, and I loaned the money to keep it going. I believe what the organization is about, and I put my own money in it, in non-interest loans. That should be admired. . . . Nobody creates an operation where they lend more than they get and say they’re doing it for personal, self-serving interest. That doesn't make sense."

Ya Al, it doesn't make any sense alright.

Sharpton's former aide Carl Redding had a lot to say about Sharpton's poor business decisions, "Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believe that Sharpton has become so powerful it’s diluting everything about him. The African-American community doesn't trust Sharpton anymore. He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks he has credibility."

Perhaps Sharpton should take some time away from the protests, and get his affairs in order.



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