Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has long been known for having a vicious temper. Stories of her cursing tantrums and expletive-laced threats have come out from multiple security guards and Secret Service agents. But a particularly destructive rant that Clinton gave in 1993 may have just been erased from the history books.

In 1993, Clinton held a private meeting with advisers and staff in the White House. Present at that meeting was Vince Foster, a lawyer and member of the Clinton's staff. According to reports, Foster had made a mistake in Clinton's eyes and she took the time to deliberately berate him in front of his peers.

Days later, Foster committed suicide by shooting himself with a .38 caliber bullet.

Because of Foster's connections to the Bill Clinton White House, the FBI launched an investigation into Foster's death. As part of those interviews, the FBI interviewed Hillary Clinton but could not prove any connection between the First Lady's tirade and the mental state of Foster.

However, when a Daily Mail writer visited the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and requested to look over the FBI records from that time period, the interviews with Clinton were mysteriously gone.

Though the archivist who helped the reporter was sure that all the interviews were located in the archive boxes he delivered for perusal, no records containing any interviews with Clinton were present.

The National Archives employees were quick to point out that there are millions of records and the records containing Clinton's interview may simply have been misplaced. "We do not agree with your conclusion that the records you requested are missing from the National Archives simply because we were unable to locate any responsive records in response to your request."

However, this should raise some eyebrows because a dark part of Clinton's past that has mysteriously gone missing during her presidential run is just too much coincidence when it comes to her. This bears further investigation.

h/t: Daily Mail

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