Here's a little known fact about working for the federal government. If you're on the payroll of the government, you are not allowed to work for any private company or organization. If you do, it's considered a misuse of public funds and that can be punished harshly.

So the news that Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton's top aide while serving as Secretary of State, took time out of her schedule to travel to New York and interview candidates for a Clinton Foundation leadership position, is definitely toeing the line. Clinton's campaign has assured the media that Mills paid for the trip on her own and that it was a "charitable contribution of her time," but that argument holds little water.

Mills's trip wasn't made public knowledge until an inside source close to the situation revealed that she had made the trip on an Amtrak train on June 19, 2012. According to the source, Mills was in charge of interviewing potential leaders for the Clinton Foundation.

That could pose a conflict of interest however, especially given the recent news that the Clinton Foundation may have overstepped its bounds and used the political connections of Clinton as Secretary of State to advance its mission and objectives. The foundation was even part of a request by the FBI for a special investigation. That request was denied, however, by the Obama administration-led Justice Department.

While it's probable that Mills's trip was entirely charitable, the facts are adding up against the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's time as Secretary of State. It seems more and more likely that the intertwining between the nonprofit and government sectors were exploited by Clinton and her staff. And that's problematic.

Clinton needs to be more open about the connections between the Clinton Foundation and her personal government staff. If she's not, we have to assume that she's hiding information that could be damaging. And if that's the case we need that information out in the open.

h/t: Washington Examiner

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