A Congressional report has been leaked to the Daily Caller that ties the Clinton Foundation to watered-down drugs that were distributed across the world. This could be the straw that breaks the back (and the legs) of the Clinton Foundation.

It turns out that the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) partnered with an Indian company that was sued by the FDA for distributing bad drugs on the worldwide market. Some of those drugs ended up in the United States and likely led to the death of some patients on the drugs.

That company, Ranbaxy, acknowledged its own guilt back in 2013 after an FDA investigation determined that the drugs that the Indian company was manufacturing and distributing weren't good enough for what they were promising.

"This is the largest false claims case ever prosecuted in the District of Maryland, and the nation’s largest financial penalty paid by a generic pharmaceutical company," said the attorney who argued on behalf of the United States in the case.

Now, however, documents have been discovered which demonstrate that the Clinton Foundation may very well have partnered with Ranbaxy to distribute those same watered-down drugs to third-world countries. Those drugs are used in treating HIV and a host of other deadly diseases and conditions.

But even after the FDA sued Ranbaxy for everything it was worth in 2013, the Clinton Foundation kept using Ranbaxy's drugs and supporting the company. Bill Clinton even took to a stage once to talk about how much good Ranbaxy was doing for people around the world--at the same time that Ranbaxy's faulty drugs were decreasing people's lifespans.

While this isn't the most surprising news for anyone who's had any concerns about the Clinton Foundation, it is simply another nail in the coffin. The Clintons have been involved in shady deals around the globe. It's time for those deals to come to an end.

h/t: Daily Caller

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