Hillary and Bill Clinton's finances have always been dubiously legal at best. But now, news has come out that not only did the Clintons collect millions of dollars of donations from a foreign group that promotes sharia law, but Bill Clinton was actually employed by the terrorist center.

Tax records submitted by the Clintons show that Bill Clinton was an "honorary chairman" of GEMS Education, a Middle-Eastern-based company whose only goal is to teach and spread sharia law.

Sharia law, for any unfamiliar, is the Islamic form of religious government where religion holds complete control over every aspect of day-to-day life. Under sharia law, women and homosexuals are persecuted and denied rights, and even belonging to another religion can be subject to a monetary fine.

Bill Clinton was paid $2.1 million by GEMS as they worked with the Clinton Foundation to expand their worldwide schools and teach people that sharia law is the best form of government.

The purpose of GEMS's schools is to "teach all Muslim students the pillars of Islam, Islamic faith and morals, enabling them to efficiently apply them to their lives." Unfortunately for the Clintons, sharia law and American freedoms don't mesh well at all.

The revelation that the Clintons are receiving money from foreign groups, however, isn't new. Foreign governments like Saudi Arabia have donated huge amounts of cash to the Clinton Foundation, and we now know that those Clinton Foundation funds were used in part to fund Huma Abedin's paycheck and help advance Hillary's goals of reaching the White House.

When will the Democratic voters in this country wake up and realize that Clinton is the most flawed candidate that they've put forward in years? Disregarding the lies and verbal gaffes which she made as Secretary of State, Clinton's involvement with foreign powers should definitely disqualify her from the presidency.

h/t: Daily Caller

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