Last June, while Hillary Clinton was fending off a surprisingly strong challenge for the Democrat nomination for the presidency from unexpected rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, former State Department aide, current campaign staff and close friend Huma Abedin was being deposed by the FBI.

The FBI probe into Clinton’s unauthorized use of a secret, unsecured email server during her tenure as President Obama’s first Secretary of State had moved into its final stages after a more than year-long investigation to determine whether she had violated federal law regarding the transmission, maintenance and securing of official classified information.

Abedin, who has been described by the Clintons as “almost another daughter,” first worked for them as a college intern during the White House years, served as Clinton’s deputy chief of staff at State and is currently vice chairwoman for the candidate’s 2016 campaign for the presidency.

She was also given special status to work simultaneously for the U.S. State Department, the Teneo company owned and operated by Doug Band the Clinton crony who funneled speaking fees to Bill Clinton, and as a paid “consultant” to the Clinton’s family foundation.

The unusual arrangement allowed Abedin to draw three salaries while sitting at the nexus of three Clinton seats of power, as well as permitting her to work from home so she could spend time with her husband and baby.

Her husband?

That would be disgraced New York Congressman Anthony Weiner whose predilection for sending explicit sexual texts via social media resulted in the loss of his Congressional seat, an aborted mayoral run and – after a third public incident revealed him “sexting” a minor while in bed with the couple’s child – separation from Abedin.

That tangled web has put Abedin, her mentor Hillary Clinton and the Clinton candidacy in jeopardy as the FBI announced concerns over emails found on devices seized from the Abedin-Weiner home as part of the “sexting” investigation.

Three months after FBI Director James Comey delivered a blistering 14-minute virtual indictment of Clinton’s actions in violation of federal law only to refuse to recommend that she be charged, Comey put himself back in the eye of the hurricane by notifying Congress that new email information had been found that might pertain to the Clinton investigation.

The matter that the Clinton campaign thought had been put behind it was suddenly – and apparently without warning – once again a very live issue with only 11 days until Election Day.

The newly-discovered emails are rumored to have been found on the devices Abedin shared with Weiner – devices that may have email communications with Clinton stored on them, including those with confidential information Weiner might have accessed, and which would most certainly have been subject to hacking.

The day after Comey’s news rocked the Clinton campaign, Abedin was, for the first time in years, absent from her mentor’s side on the campaign trail.

While it is not known what the Abedin-Weiner devices do contain, transcripts of Abedin’s June 28 FBI deposition reveal that she told investigators she had turned over all devices she used to send and receive email while serving under Clinton per subpoena.

And she gave that testimony under oath in a sworn deposition.


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